Microsuction Earwax Removal in Hove – How does it work?

Microsuction Earwax Removal in Hove

If you are suffering from impacted earwax, we offer a private microsuction earwax removal service in Hove, Brighton at Burwash Pharmacy. Find out more about the microsuction earwax removal method and how you can book an appointment online, in this blog post.

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What is Microsuction?

You might have heard about the microsuction procedure but might not know what it is. In easy terms, microsuction is a professional earwax removal procedure. It is performed using a gentle suction device to remove the earwax and a microscope to look inside the ear to locate the earwax. This procedure should only be performed by fully trained professionals.

Microsuction Vs Irrigation

Both Microsuction and Irrigation are methods used by professionals to remove earwax. When carried out by a fully trained professional, both are considered to be safe and effective methods of earwax removal.

Irrigation, also known as syringing, is a method used by professionals to remove earwax. It involves using a small syringe and warm water to flush the earwax. Some people might feel discomfort and slight pressure in the ear.

As we found out above, microsuction does not require flushing of the ear canal with any liquids. The procedure is carried out using a microscope and a gentle suction machine to carefully remove excess earwax.

The microsuction earwax removal method is widely used by professional clinics as it is regarded to be the safest and most efficient method. 

Microsuction earwax removal clinic in Hove

We offer the microsuction earwax removal service in Hove, Brighton. Using the latest equipment, we offer a safe and convenient earwax removal service. Our staff are fully-trained and certified in microsuction earwax removal. Book your appointment online or ask in-store.

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