A Safe and Effective EarWax Removal Method

Microsuction Earwax Removal - A Safe and Effective Wax Removal Method

Have you ever had ear pain or difficulty hearing because of earwax buildup? This is a common problem that many people experience. If your earwax is not removed by over-the-counter earwax removal drops, you can get the earwax removed through a professional microsuction earwax removal service.

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What is earwax?

Earwax, which is also called cerumen, is a waxy substance made by glands in the ear canal. It keeps the skin of the ear clean, moist, and safe. Usually, earwax moves from the eardrum to the opening of the ear canal, where it dries out and falls out. But sometimes it can build up and cause blockages.

What are the signs of earwax buildup?

Earwax buildup can cause a number of different symptoms. Some of the signs and symptoms of earwax include:

If your symptoms persist, you should check with your doctor to exclude any other underlying conditions.

How to treat earwax buildup in a safe way?

Olive oil or almond oil ear drops can be used for 3–5 days to soften the earwax and help it come out on its own. You can pick up these teardrops from most pharmacies. Use two to three drops in each ear three to four times a day, or follow the directionings on the packaging and information leaflet. If the oil drops don’t get rid of the earwax buildup, speak to your local pharmacy team about getting medical ear drops that dissolve the earwax.

Some people have trouble getting rid of earwax buildup with ear drops. In such cases, it might be possible to get rid of the earwax with a controlled medical procedure such as microsuction or irrigation. These procedures should only be carried out by trained professionals who use special tools to get rid of earwax.

You should never insert cotton buds or other objects to dig out any wax. This can push the wax deeper inside, as well as risk damaging the ear canal and the ear drum.

What is Microsuction earwax removal?

Microsuction earwax removal is a safe and effective method for removing cerumen (earwax). It involves using a gentle suction device to remove earwax while causing the least amount of discomfort. A trained professional will perform the procedure, using a microscope to visualise the ear canal and earwax, and then using a suction device to gently remove the earwax. Microsuction is one of the most effective methods for removing earwax and it is widely used by healthcare professionals.

If you suffer from any ear conditions, perforated ear drums or you had a surgery of the ear(s) then our microsuction earwax removal service is not suitable for you. Get in touch with your doctor if you have concerns about your ears health.

How to prepare for your microsuction earwax removal appointment?

It is recommended that you use olive oil ear drops or spray for 5-7 days prior to your earwax removal appointment. This helps with softening the earwax so that it can be easily removed through microsuction.

If you haven’t used the olive oil ear drops, it might not be possible to remove all the earwax in a single appointment. You will be asked to book and pay for a second appointment to remove the remaining earwax. It is therefore important that you use the olive oil ear drops or spray 5-7 days before your appointment. You can get the olive oil ear drops from a local pharmacy.

How can I book a microsuction earwax removal appointment in Hove, Brighton?

We offer microsuction earwax removal appointments throughout the week. Check our available appointments online and book a date and time that suits you. Earwax Clinic Hove is based within Burwash Pharmacy in Brighton. The microsuction earwax removal procedure is carried out by a fully trained healthcare professional.

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